Charlene Pagayon Rosco

South East Asia
Ms.Top of the World Plus Size 2018

Name: Charlene P. Rosco
Age: 33 years old
Country: Philippines
(Representing Southeast Asia)
Civil Status: Married (no kids yet, I had a miscarriage last year)

Talent: Sing and Dance

Hobbies: Coaching and Playing sports. In particular, track & field, bowling, and cycling. I love painting, cooking, traveling, dancing, and watching movies as well.

Won several awards in prestigious Track & Field competitions as a Thrower.

Graduated with a Degree in Philippines Studies Major in Filipino in Mass Media

Recipient of the Athlete of the Year award. (2006)

At work, I was awarded the Excellence Service Award by Singapore Hotel Association.

Why did you join?

Aside from fulfilling one of my childhood dreams to be a Beauty Queen, I joined the pageant to inspire other people especially of my size to gain self acceptance, to be positive towards discrimination, to overcome insecurities and develop self confidence, and to promote self awareness on stereotyping here in southeast Asia and other parts of the world

Share your thoughts of being plus size?

Growing up as an overweight kid was not easy hearing other people call you “names” like, “Fat” and/or “miss piggy” and being the topic of a joke because of my weight. But, I thought of it as “Me” bringing joy to other people.

Also, the struggle in looking for clothes in malls was something that bothered and made me lose my self-confidence.Until I was introduce to the sport that made me realised that being a plus size wasn’t my liabilities rather an asset.

I believe that nothing is impossible if you are determined and passionate. Being a plus size is not a hindrance or limitation to excel. It may be in different forms and aspects in life- in academics, career, sports, and/or pageantry.

My experiences in the past taught me lessons in life as a way to give back. I started an advocacy that suports local tribe, the Ati Tribe, in my hometown Iloilo Philippines. It is my mission with the help of friends and family to help create a better place for them by spearheading livelihood trainings, business opoortunities and supporting basic needs. Seeing them smile and continue to strive to better themselves makes my heart warm and happy. With my little ways, they can find hope that there is still something for them in this world. Being plus size will not stop me from helping other people and sharing what I have, it may be small or big.