Johanna Ruth Tan

Ms.Top of the World Plus Size 1st Runner Up 2018

Name: Johanna Ruth Tan
Age: 30
Country: Philippines
Single/mother of how many: 1
Talent: Singing & Dancing
Hobbies: reading books, cooking, doing arts and crafts

Achievements: Licensed Teacher

Why did you join?
- I joined Ms.Top of the World Plus Size because I want to inspire the younger generation or the youth about self acceptance.
To teach them and to encourage them that a person is capable of being successful in life if we have compassion, love and respect towards others and most especially to ourselves. The younger generation is our hope for a better future, a world where people would care less about how one should look but rather see a person of who they are inside.

Share your thoughts of being plus size?
- Dancing has always been my first love. I have started dancing since I was 7 years old and being plus size and always being in a group who were size zero, has always been a challenge. Other dancers would make fun of me, one of my teacher has even told me that "If you want to be a star, then you have to lose all that weight."

But I didn't allow this to pull me down on my dreams. My family believed in me and encouraged me to continue my passion. I continued to dance and in the end, I was the one who ended up having solos.

Doing what you love and trying to be in a society where people are so open and are free to judge, are one of the things I want to work on. Because your size, your color or your look should not be the measurement of who or what you want to become in life. My motto in life is, "Don't change yourself in order to fit in. Change it for it to fit you." ❤