Aleksandra Strigina


Miss Top of the World Plus Size Baltics 2020 Aleksandra Strigina

My name is Alexandra Strigina, I am 21 years old. Currently I am doing my final exams and soon I will pursue my career as a pharmacist assistant.
I was born and raised in Latvia, hence I am honoured to present Baltic in plus-size category. However, due to my insecurities I have been hesitating to sign up for this competition. Participating in such a global competition is a real challenge for me. Anyway, I decided to be brave and prove myself and everyone else what I am capable for.
Now it is time to stop overthinking and worry about other people’s opinion - and that is only beginning!
I am determined  and open-minded about things that I will take up related to modelling. I realized that I do not want to give up, and that my dream may come true!  Just do not scare to believe and make commitments.

Biggest love,
Alexandra x