Miss FASHION Top of the World Plus Size 2020


Miss FASHION Top of the World Plus Size 2020

Kristine Sudmale from Ireland

My name is Kristine Sudmale, I am Ms Top of the World Plus Size -Ireland.

I live in Dublin.
My job is my passion,I work  as a Beauty Therapist.
Working in the industry that I am, I always try and get to know my clients and a lot of the time we form deeper friendships where they tell me about their personal life or their holiday experiences or tips of places to visit in their home country that's why I love what I do so much.

I love travelling, I would say this is my hobby, mainly because I love to learn about cultures and meet different people from different backgrounds. I have travelled a lot with friends and family as well as on my own. I belive travelling changes you as a person, especially solo travelling as you meet loads of like-minded people and can most of the time have more authentic experiences as you build rapport with the locals to get the best hints and tips about the place you're visiting as well as deeper knowledge about their culture compared to what you would get from a travel agent. 

This opportunity is totally out of my comfort zone but sometimes you have to step out of it to achieve something great.