Julija Vasiljeva


Mrs. Top of the World Plus Size Latvia 2020 Julija Vasiljeva

My name is Julija Vasilieva, I am 34. 
It is a huge honour for me  to respresent my country as Ms Top of the World Plus Size Latvia 2020.

I am an opera singer, leading soprano of Latvian National Opera. Music has been my lifestyle through the years and in these times I feel that my mission is to keep an interest of public for the classical music.

I am a mother of two amazing girls and a loving wife. My family is something that inspires me, suppots through the hard times and brings joy every day.

I truly believe that every woman deserves to be loved. That is why I want to show with my example that beauty has no size, it has no gender or any other particular measure. I want to inspire women around the world to be self-confident, to work every day on their own self-improvement, mental and emotional growth. 

A happy woman makes happy everyone around her!