Mrs. PERSONALITY Top of the WORLD Classic 2020


Mrs. PERSONALITY Top of the WORLD Classic 2020 Nina Van Genechten

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,
Delighted to meet you here, members of the jury back there in the far Latvia.
My name is Nina Van Genechten, 65 year old. I live and work in Asse Belgium.
As a contestant in your fabulous Miss Election, I present myself in the category Miss Top of the World
Lady Classic. I am proud to wear my title and satch for my country Belgium.
So who am I ?
I am married for 40 years and my husband and I have 3 children : two daughters and a son.
Besides raising the children I help my husband in the shop we run : we sell mostly Belgian furniture and also
decoration. I still do this with love and joy.
Once the children were married and out of the house. I went looking for some hobbies.
Since childhood, I dreamed of being on stage. So ten years ago I joined an amateur theatre group.
And I still act with great pleasure.
But four years ago I took up the idea of being a model and joined the school Models Inc.International where
I learned an awful lot of our director Joseline Panis. She is a wonderfull and capable teacher. She taught me all about
showing clothes and accessories on stage. I simply adore being on the catwolk.
Joseline asked me to participate and that’s how I find myself here in front of you … dear Jury.
Although I would have preferred by far to appear In real life before You … In spite of all the coronatroubles, I’ll defend
myself for the best !
I surely hope You to vote for a woman my age feeling young with a joy of living as if I was forty !
I represent Belgium, a beautiful small country but with a great history, beautiful cities and villages and with
a great variety of nature.
We Belgians, have also many international renowned specialities such as chocolates, french fries and several starrewarded restaurants … and many more.
Also we have wellknown scientists and many international companies all over the world.
Last but not least, we have a bunch of Red Devils, top ranked in Football and the famous Belgian beer “Duvel”, amongst
others of course.
As you see : a country worth visiting.
I love my little Belgium with the big hart. So it would be a great honour for me to bring in a title for Belgium.

Thank you very much. That the best may win !!
 Love and kisses,