Mrs. Top of the WORLD Plus Size  2020

United Kingdom

Mrs. Top of the WORLDPlus Size  2020

Mrs. MEDIA Top of the WORLD Plus Size  2020

Madara Riley from United Kingdom

My name is Madara Riley, from Mansfield , United Kingdom. I am 35 years of age, a mother of two. My life is not all glitz and glamor 24/7 at all, our oldest daughter have severe autism and learning difficulties, as well as self harm episodes, she is completely dependent on adults for everything, from getting dressed to food and hygiene needs. When I take my beautiful crown and make up off there’s exhausted special needs mum, just human trying to figure out how to be, how to do best for my family, how to last another day and not fall in to peaces. No time to rest as I am also a mummy of our little rascal, who keeps me on the go. Never have I ever thought that this year I will represent United Kingdom in this prestigious competition, but here I am, proudly flying the flag for country I call home for so many years now. United Kingdom in my opinion is beautiful and very diverse country, also very rich in history and let’s not even start with very various dialects. I truly hope to inspire women, as far as my message can reach, that you deserve to feel beautiful regardless of your shape or size. This competition is a wonderful way for me as a special needs parent to rise awareness of autims and its million shades, to speak out about what autism is and how different it can be. It’s great way to encourage body positivity and break stereotypes, as all my life I am bullied for something, then too big, too thin (that’s right), too much make up, too short, too plain, too this or too that. It was a very long journey for me to stand confident and acknowledge that I am enaugh as I am and now I don’t want to stop, I fact I wish to inspire others to know your worth. Each tear I have cried wondering what is wrong with me, each time I stood alone feeling like alien because I see and I feel differently, it build me in to person I am today willing to share my story, my journey my fails and my wins to inspire other women not be afraid to be you, do you, be different. I’m not not the top model, I’m not a celebrity - I am me, you are you. We are individually unique, own it.

What do I do? Mostly I am full time career, field of work is translations and onlaine costumer services, however I am also qualified beautician and hold several business management certificates.
I have certificate in demonology and paranormal world excites me, scary stories by the fire is definitely perfect evening for me. 
My hobbies are arts, crafts, acting and I love horse riding and wild mushroom picking. In my very little spare time I am also a LIVE chat program host at my own entertainment platform, where I have two programs, one for special needs parents like me, another one  is everything womanly things and real life issues. 
Thank you for getting to know me a little more.