Mrs. MILLION Top of the WORLD Classic 2020

Eastern Europe

Mrs. MILLION Top of the WORLD Classic 2020 Anastasia Fox

I am known as Anastasia Fox. 2020 let me take part in unique project TOP OF THE WORLD as Mrs Classic Eastern Europe.

I am passionate about supporting, guide, and help people overcome traumatic life experiences,  based on their powerful techniques and their own life experiences. My life had highs and lows in personal and professional life; each life situation only makes me more robust, knowledged, and resistant to life odds huis gave me the power to stay in life stong. 
I love to embrace studies and discover new topics regarding quantum physic, energy to continue working with self-development. Most immense power comes from people hues smile, and I always try to give my best to see this in my friends and people around me, support others with creating their dreams and midset. 
My personal experience in Moscow Olimpic game 1980 open and closing ceremony attended by 23000 people.  Ten minutes, I hed emotions and feelings I can not forget and influence all my life. I remember that no matter the background, skin colour, country of the original or you come from, we have all the same feelings, emotions. 
Over the years, I travelled worldwide and living in several countries with entirely different lifestyles/cultures, belief systems and religions. The experiences give me a clear indication that every culture has the knowledge, experience, and expertise of life to live in thy unique ways based on thy cultural heritage. We need to embrace that to be more tolerant, understand each other's, and learn from each other's best values. 
I am an active member of several official and charitable organisations.  Ambassador of several charities hues supports domestic violence, modern slavery, corporate member "Eurasian Creative Guide", a dynamic community leader in Birmingham representing Eater European communities in the UK. Founder - CO of Community Interest company ''Anastasia's art of life,'' community interest group "AKnoteikumi" to support communities integrate in the UK  life.