Arian Vreugd


Mrs. Top of the World Plus Size Suriname 2020 Arian Vreugd

I am 46-year-old Arian Vreugd, happily married to Paul.  Contentment fills my heart when I look at myself and my body. I hope to inspire other women to be happy with their selves too and I use my ARI Plussize model as platform to contribute to the cause.

Unfortunately, I don’t see many women who look like me when I watch tv or flick through the pages of magazines. By talking about fullfigured women and putting myself out there I try to clear the path for others to speak up to.

I want to be part of the creation of new stories and with my participation in the Mrs Top of the World Plussize pageant I am aiming to reach a broader audience.


Curvy greetings,


Arian Vreugd

#Milobing (I love it in Surinamese)