Miss Top of the WORLD Choice of People 2020


Miss Top of the WORLD Choice of People 2020

Miss BIKINI Top of the WORLD 2020

Elina Ustal al UUstala from Latvia

I am   Elina Ustal al Uustala  , “Miss Top of the World Latvia 2020 “
Young  full of passion  Latvian lady .
I’ coming from small but charming    village  - Stende.
Participation in the competition “Miss/Mrs Top of the World 2020 ” was my mothers idea.  My mother always believes I can become a great model and proud Latvia representative individual. She sees the potential in me and would like me to participate in the competition and represent Latvia. To be honest - which girl would not want to take part in such an event, so I agreed?!

I  am very outgoing person , I love communicate with people, like to meet new people and make new acquaintances, I am so so friendly ! 

 My life is pretty simple  , one of main things in my life , I had run  small cultural events, but now life has become more service-oriented. Although I look reticent and peaceful from the outside, I can be a real explosive In life, I find this way the best to protect myself and my loved ones. 
I  love my free  time,with friends or my other half , going out in nature together. I go to see new places or walk long-known trails. It is difficult for me to sit at home, so if there is nowhere to go, then I go for a walk here, even in my small town with the dog Mesa, or go to the nearby forest-this is definitely my meditation !  
For me THIS SOMETHING COMPLETELY OUT OF COMFORT ZONE ,new  and unprecedented for me! As a young girl, I went to the modelling school for a while, but I don't count it as an experience, I was too young. In the small Village as Stende this wasn't possible also. 
From the very beginning, when I was called and told about the course of the competition and the fact that I would have to present my talent or skills, I replied that I did not have such talent. I'll be honest - I'm neither a good singer nor a painter. I have some hobbies that I like to get used to now and then, but what I will show to the jury is to stay with me for now. but is always ways to find to complete all challenges with a wish that I can prove to myself I worth to be the person hues will wear a crown !
Love you all!