Mrs. Top of the WORLD Classic Choice of People 2020


Mrs. Top of the WORLD Classic Choice of People 2020

Mrs. DIAMOND Top of the WORLD Classic 2020

Jelena (Jay) Dimante from Baltic's

My name is Jelena Dimante, for my friends and aquitances short - Jay, I am Mrs Top of the World Classic Baltic.
I live in Scunthorpe, United Kingdom.
I consider myself lucky, because my job is also my hobby, it covers a wide field of esoterics. I do Tarot readings, I work with Lenormand cards, Runes and crystals. Additionally I make candles, for everyday use and esoteric purposes too. 
As I am a mother of three sons, my days are very, very busy! We also have two cats and a dog, majority of my time is devoted to my family. 
I love traveling, together with my loved ones, sometimes on my own too. 
Another one of my hobbies is     social platform for latvians worldwide Tauta on Facebook. I run a live video broadcast on there and on radio Tauta aswell.
One of my current projects is to collect donations for an orphanage in Latvia for the purchase of children's shoes.
By participating in this wonderful event, I want to show and encourage other women that we can be beautiful at any age.

With Love Jay!