Mrs. Top of the WORLD 1st Runner Up 2020


Mrs. Top of the WORLD 1st Runner Up 2020

Mrs. TALENT Top of the WORLD Up 2020

Jesfira Burova from Latvia

My name is Jesfira Burova, I am 34.
I am honoured to respresent my country as MRS Top of the World Latvia 2020.

I have three amazing kids that help me to be better and smarter every day.

Everywhere I go, I like to make other people smile and believe in good things.  We are the ones who create our world and our reality, despite of the obstacles and circumstances around us, because everything comes from our mind. 

I truly like to inspire women to love and accept themselves as they are, cause each of us deserves the best. A woman that is fulfilled with joy, peace and love is powerful and she can make incredible things and has a great potential. 

My big desire is to help women to acknowledge their true value. 

I wish you all - be strong, stay healthy and positive. We will win this battle.

With love ❤️