Liudmila Demeniuk


Mrs. Top of the World Plus Size Belarus 2020 Liudmila Demeniuk

I'm Lyudmila. I'm from Belarus. I'm a scriptwriter, a producer and an eventmaker both of memorable holidays for my favourite clients, among whom there are many big companies, and of my own life. 
I'm 45 and I'm happy. I appreciate every moment of my life and people around me: my family, friends, clients, partners and new acquaintances I always make. 
I love my children so much!
My son Sergey is three-time hairdressing champion of Belarus and Russia and vice champion of Europe in hairdressing. I admire his talent. 
My dear daughter Elizaveta is still a school girl. She's rather talented too! Do all mothers think their children are talented? :) She's really good at painting, singing and playing the piano. 
I'm so proud to be their mother! 

I'm a successful businesswoman. My eventmaking and teambuilding company is highly ranked both in my country and abroad. 
I truly believe that each of us can make our world a bit kinder just helping ones in need.  That's why I enjoy participating in charitable events.  Besides my house has become home for two abandoned pets: a dog Richie and a cat Marusya. Now I can't imagine our life without them. 
I have been awarded many certificates of honor and gratitude for the development of culture in Gomel oblast. 
My motto is « Always keep moving forward!» I can't stop learning and it helps me open new areas of interest in my life. I'm good at shooting and playing volleyball and I'm fond of camping. I enjoy riding a horse and planting varieties of beautiful roses in my garden.